Factors To Consider When Selecting A College For Becoming A Medical Assistant


There are many colleges out there that offer certification programs to become a medical assistant. However, the programs offered by different colleges are not all the same. While price is an important factor to consider, it isn't the only factor to focus on when selecting a college. Here are a few of the factors you want to focus on when selecting a college for a medical assistant certification program.

If the Credits are Transferable

One of the factors you should consider when selecting a college offering a medical assistant certification program is whether your credits or classes are transferable to other colleges or programs. While you may think that you have your life mapped out, unexpected things may occur. You may be forced to move or you may decide you want to pursue a different medical degree. If your credits are not transferable, you can be left in a tough predicament. As such, it is always advised that you figure out what courses are transferable and to what sorts of programs and colleges. The more options you have, the better off you are, just in case something comes up that you were not planning on.

Who The Medical Program is Accredited By

When you are looking to select a college, it is important that you pay close attention to who the school is accredited by. There are many different organizations that accredit colleges that offer medical certification programs. However, only students that complete certification programs through schools accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, CAAHEP, and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education School, or ABHES, are eligible to take the certification of medical assistants test, or CMA, 

It is important to note that you do not have to take or pass the CMA test in order to work as a medical assistant. However, those who do take and pass the test are able to show their employer that they possess the skills needed to work in the field. As such, many employers look for this certification when hiring medical assistants. Because of this, you may wish to look for colleges that are accredited by the CAAHEP or ABHES if you are serious about working in this field.

If the School Offers Placement Programs and What Percentage of Students Are Working in their Desired Field

The last factor that you should consider when searching for a school or college that offers a medical assistant program is whether the school offers a placement program and what percentage of students who graduate are working in their desired field. With medical assisting becoming popular, trying to find a job can be competitive at times. If the school offers placement services, they work with employers in the area to get you placed into a job. This can give you a leg up over students who go to a school that does not offer placement services. Additionally, finding out what percentage of students who graduated are working in their desired field will help you determine whether the school is teaching you what you need to know to get a job in the field. Not everyone who graduates will begin to work in the field immediately for a number of reasons. However, if a school's percentage is low, it may indicate a school isn't teaching students the skills they need and employers are hesitant to hire students from that school. Always pay close attention to this percentage when selecting a school.

There are many factors you need to consider when selecting a program to become a medical assistant. However, many people pay attention to the price of the school, whether they offer online courses and the hours of the classes. While these are all important, they are not the only factors to consider. Learning whether the credits are transferable, who accredits the college and whether the college offers placement services will help you select a program that gives you the best chance of working as a medical assistant when you complete the program. Check out a college like ASA College to learn more about their medical assistant program.


18 December 2015

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