3 Steps To Making SAT Tutoring Easier Fir Your Teen

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SAT tutoring can help improve test scores. Duh. You already knew that. You want your teenager to get the best score possible. And, you know that putting the time in is the only way to do it. But, your high school student is a typical teen. That means they would rather hang with friends, play games online, or do just about anything else other than study. How can you get your child to go to tutoring (or study the material the tutor assigns) without eye-rolling, door slams, and a fuss? Don't stress. It's completely possible. Check out these tips for making SAT prep easier for your teen.

Find a Study Buddy

Whether your teen is going to an SAT tutoring class or has private prep sessions, finding a friend to go with them may make it easier – and more fun. Talk to other parents or ask your child to find out if any of their friends are also looking to start tutoring. Sign them up for the same class, and encourage them to arrange study sessions. Keep in mind, the study sessions aren't time to goof off or chat. Make sure that the kids either study in an open area of your home that you can monitor (such as the dining room) or a library.

Set Goals

Why does your teen need to study for the SATs? So that they can get a better score, of course. But, why does your high schooler really need that "better" score? To get into the college of their choice. You know this, and your teen knows this. Your teen may lose sight of this when it comes to trading social time for study time. Ask your teen to set concrete goals. Write them down and refer back to them when studying isn't the activity of choice. If that's not enough, get even more concrete. Buy your child a t-shirt or poster from the college where they hope to go. They can refer back to this every time they feel like tutoring isn't necessary.

Create a Schedule

Sometimes the time needed to properly prep for the test just isn't there. Well, it is; but, it's hard to find. Instead of trying to fit tutoring in whenever your child can, create a schedule. Include tutoring sessions and study time along with schoolwork time, after-school sports, and social activities.

You're all for SAT tutoring. It can help your child to succeed, and that's important to you. If your child doesn't share your test prep joy, find a buddy, set goals, and schedule the time they need. These easy ideas may make a difference that can change the course of your child's future. 


17 May 2017

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