Getting The Work Experience You Need: 3 Features To Consider When Applying For An Electrician Apprenticeship


If you're looking for a steady career with a decent-paying income, you should highly consider becoming an electrician, as the employment of electricians is expected to grow 14% from 2014 to 2024. This is much more than the expected growth for other industries. The pay is not bad. The median hourly pay for electricians in 2014 was approximately $24.57, and this doesn't include additional benefit packages that come with the position.

28 December 2015

Factors To Consider When Selecting A College For Becoming A Medical Assistant


There are many colleges out there that offer certification programs to become a medical assistant. However, the programs offered by different colleges are not all the same. While price is an important factor to consider, it isn't the only factor to focus on when selecting a college. Here are a few of the factors you want to focus on when selecting a college for a medical assistant certification program. If the Credits are Transferable

18 December 2015

How To Teach Your Preschooler About Bullying


At the tender preschool ages, most children don't recognize when they are being bullied or when they are bullying others. However, this is a good time for parents to discuss bullying with their children and hopefully prevent lasting, harmful effects. There are 3 easy ways to teach your preschooler about bullying. 1. Discuss Hurtful Behavior Preschoolers are old enough to know that hitting, biting, and name-calling is "bad" and "mean." And while these behaviors are part of learning and developing (fighting over a toy when learning to share, for example), there is a point where it shifts into bullying.

16 December 2015